Meet Our Volunteers


Bruce Seaman at a speaking engagementBruce Seaman

Bruce Seaman is a minister serving Fairfield Presbyterian Church in NW Marion County. Bruce has been a Xtreme Soulutions instructor for over 5 years in different roles at MCI. Presently, he teaches the Life Mapping course. Bruce is a graduate of Adelphi University (BA) and Harvard Divinity School (MDiv). He served churches in NJ and DC before coming to Weirsdale Presbyterian in 1997. He was also Executive Director of Church Without Walls/Youth Reach from 2005-08 which served troubled youth and families.

Shirley Beattie smilng

Shirley Beattie

Shirley Beattie has worked in full-time ministry with Evangelism Explosion for 19 years. She serves with Xtreme Soulutions as a volunteer, bringing various Bible studies to the ladies at Lowell CI in an effort to help them understand God’s love and forgiveness and to encourage them to make better choices in life.

Stu Robinson in Isreal

Stu Rosenberg

Stu originally did not have a heart for the incarcerated and his attitude was not open to change.  His wife Theresa, however, had been involved for years with prison ministries.  When he decided to take a chance and visit Lake Correctional Institution, he experienced the searching and desperate hearts looking for God and those volunteeres who brought it.  “My whole being melted and the scriptures spoke to me,” said Stu.  Stu is currently an instructor at Lake Correctional Institution in Clermont, Florida.

Theresa Rosenberg smiling

Theresa Rosenberg

Our son was serving time in a prison 3000 miles from home, he was too far away for us to visit and he was so depressed and isolated. There were Christian volunteers that poured love into our son at a time he was really hurting and I wanted to do that.  I wanted to be there for another mother who was just too far away. After my first prison ministry weekend, I knew that this would be part of my life forever.  This started because of my son but stopped being about him a long time ago.  I see myself as a surrogate mother to the men I encounter and they see me the same way.  I am blessed to be able to bring the importance of acceptance and love to them.

Sky Storms smiling

Sky Storms

Sky Storms is just a regular guy who wants to help job seekers by sharing techniques he learned the hard way. When it comes to job hunting, the mere fact that Sky has been able to synthesize his vast experience as a career job hopper into a small self-help book for job seekers should be enough proof that there is indeed a God.  Sky Storms is currently an instructor at Marion Correctional Institution and assists in the on-going functions of the CDL program offered to the many men incarcerated at MCI.

Frank and Letha Richardson PictureFrank and Letha Richardson

After years of ministering to people in prison in New York, God opened the door for Frank Richardson to move to Florida, where he then joined Xtreme Soulutions.  Frank and Letha teach Victorious Living at Marion Correctional Institution.  Letha has ministered for many years through evangelism and teaching ministries.  Frank also provides individual ministry to the men at MCI with the purpose of personal guidance, prayer, encouragement and preparation for their release to society.

Vicky & Kurt DunstanVicky & Curt Dunstan

In 2007 when Curt retired from GM, Vicky and Curt moved from Michigan to Ocala. In 2012, they heard about Xtreme Soulutions, what their mission was about, and that we were in need of volunteers. Vicky called to see if she could be of any service the next thing you know, she was answering our phones.  She figured she could help a couple hours a day, a couple days a week.  Well, almost 5 years later the couple days turned into 5 days and the few hours turned into many hours – and she now does far more than answer phones these days. Vicky and her husband also host “Bingo Night” for the men and women Xtreme Soulutions serves.   “It’s so rewarding to see how excited they all get for this event,” said Vicky.