To Pastor Blaine Whitt & Sister Leigh Robinson

“Thank You” so much for all you do. For helping my family and truly caring about us here at M.C.I. ( I know there are more behind the scenes in X.S. and volunteers and instructors). “Thank You” to them also.

Blaine the personal time taken yesterday to visit me and all of what you said is so appreciated. What a “BLESSING”. It’s as if a brother/friend or even a father figure came to see me in my most trying time.

I’m very certain now that I am to stay right here in this city. I will do my best to get into “waste water” here. You are right about where I am planted. And this plateau or level on which I’m at has something I need to learn before going to the next. I like the whole mountain and paths leading to the top. To God. The higher we get the more narrow the path. Makes sense.

Leigh & Blaine both. Please know that xxxxx is a wonderful person. Not a mean bone in her body. God will work all of this out for our best! I have FAITH and I believe in love. God is LOVE. And He has her best interest and mine at the Front. I’m sure soon she and I will be on the same path again.Hand in hand. You guys are so supportive of us in X.S. and our families. Thank You for your prayers and being her friend, Thank You for reaching out to the “GADDS” and so many others. Leigh THANK YOU.

Still have my vision and focus will be on that. To be part of X.S. and a good father & husband are the goals I must concentrate on. I will and am! Just so you know. I can actually see Gods Hands in all of this. And I am AMAZED.

May God Bless you both and our future’s together as a family in X.S. and here at M.C.I. as we expand further into the vision God gave Blaine. These dorms and programs are just the start of something huge that will change the lives of many men & women and their families. As well prevent many from coming back and some from ever coming to prison. It’s a bright future.

I’m very proud to be part of X.S. Also proud of you guys.


BLAINE THANK YOU                                                   Thank You,

BROTHER!!                                                                      Billy Gadd