Thank You – Simon Williams

To xtreme SOULutions program volunteer’s, the men of God that walk in obedience to his commands. Please know that I  Simon Williams is thankful to the Lord Jesus that he has filled you with his Life giving water, and I very very much appreciate you all for the time that you give to me out of your day, and are away from your families, to make a effort to give healing and strength to my Life, so I can Give God  thanks for my bad days as well as the good. James 1:17 says, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Fathers of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. I think you all for strengthening my faith in the Lord. With youre gifts of the Lord you all have in or Lord Jesus. Some of you or apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers, yes different gifts but the same Loving spirit and the same Love for the Lord Jesus and God who gave you the gift of Love you men of God have prepare and build us up to Love and trust on the Lord Jesus and Love God with or all. Because it was God who gav us or Identity and or purpose in Life. I think you all for showing me the reflection of men who Love God who or good Husbands, Father, who or involved with there families. To me you have been like Eleiel’s and we were The dry bones, and the Lord sent you to us your gifts to restore us. Think you and please know that we all appreciate and Love you, Because God is at work bringing new Life and his spirit in to wot was one’s dry bones.

To, Pastor Blaine Whitt and Mac Macleod-on Monday.  On Tuesday Chris, and on Wednesday Reginald Butler And Thursday James Young

“Thank you all” God can take the past, The present and future pieces of our Lifes and fashin them into somthe now and Beautiful

— Simon Peter Williams {limited editing}