Operation Launch

Getting Ready to Launch

With more than 350 men enrolled in Operation Launch at MCI, there is always a full schedule of classes for them to choose from. Our objective is to spend up to 36 months prior to the end of sentence date working with a man to develop his spiritual, social and community skills so that when he walks out the gate he will be ready to re-enter society. Classes include anger management, marriage and family counseling, employment readiness, financial management and much more.

From time to time, we are able to bring in special motivational speakers or experts in a field of possible future employment. Among the local corporations that have been extremely supportive are several senior staff from Southeastern Trucking, who encourage the guys to get the CDL training through the program, in preparation for taking the road test and hopefully getting hired upon release.

In February we were able to host a Leadership Summit for about 75 of the Operation Launch participants. For two days, they were inspired by John Maxwell Coaches who encouraged and challenged them to step into the great plan God has for each of them. From their own ranks, a leadership team conducted some fun exercises to help them stretch their vision of who they are, cooperate as team members and recognize their own potential.