New Dreams and Goals

Paster Blane hello this is LL sorry that a took a little while before I reached out you but I’ve been getting things in order. Since I come home I found an awesome church named City Life in Tampa’s Fl and just started my New Auto Glass company last week. Were about a month away from starting installs but we already have 13 bookings so I’m very blessed to say the least. The name of my Company Is Glassmedics auto glass we are completely mobile and I was able to retrieve all of my old equipment I had with my ex partner in my last glass company saving me thousands to say the least. I’m also picking up a New work van in a few weeks so things have definitely moving rite along for me.

I’m not going to lie comming home was a little challenging at first but just like when I was in Prison God never left my side. I was worried about old habits and jumping into the same old routines but I realized that God has given me what I’ve been asking for the whole time and didn’t even realize it Until I noticed that I was a new person with new dreams and goals. The way I speak, the way I treat others, and the way I live now is what I’ve been looking for my entire life ! I like who I am now I love being dad again and just wanted to thank you and Kim for doing what you do so keep taking chances on guys like me because God has soo much more in store for you Brother !! Love you guys and hope and pray that we will see each other soo. I’m sure my future employees will be coming from you guys !! God is good. LL