Testimony – Sebastian Boswell

Life has took me on a real journey.  I was raised up in a church going family. This life I live, I choose; for the wrong reason.  It was really, really crazy as I sit back & think about who I use to be: God the father and his son Christ Jesus has brought me through a-lot; and why am I still here has to be a reason.  Through all of the shoot outs, the fighting, the robberies, the lieing, the Drug dealing, the cocaine snorting, the “I don’t care attitude” there’s got to be a reason; that God the father was standing in the mist for me.  I remember times I knew it had to be God’s hand on me; I have seen my friends survive shots to the head and live (what a blessing) I’ve seen some get stabbed and pull through, but my question is still the same “why was I spared?”  I’ve always had a soft spot for Christ Jesus to come in and dine with me.  But no matter that I will continue to hold on and call on the name of Jesus and thank him continually.!!!

–Sebastian Boswell