Guest Speakers

It is a joy to share the knowledge and experience that guest speakers bring to our students.  A huge THANK YOU to all of the special guests who so generously offer their time and talent to come speak or perform for those we serve.

Dennis Baxley, Florida State Senator

Senator Baxley frequently attends the graduation ceremonies at MCI and encourages the men to stay on track and prepare well to re-enter society.

Paul Creed – Dueling Piano Player, John Maxwell Executive Director, Mentor and Coach

For over four decades Paul has traveled throughout the entire US, has performed for US troops in Africa and Japan and can be seen regularly at Universal Studios, Orlando. His amazing talent and transparent personality hit a high note with the audience.

Jennifer Munson Driscoll – Author and Social Media Manager

Jenn shares her triumphant story of overcoming childhood abuse and always feeling “Less Than” as chronicled in her book by that name.  Her testimony is an example to those who falsely believe the experiences of their childhood create the reality of their future. 

Kent Guinn, Mayor of Ocala

Mayor Guinn is a frequent guest at XS Graduation Ceremonies at MCI. He encourages the men to keep working to improve themselves so that they will be productive members of society when they are released.

Frank Hopkins, Jr. – Pastor, Real Estate Investor, Life Coach

Frank has been serving with inmates teaching the Bible, wealth and life skills for the last 6 years. He is passionate about us not wasting our lives and living to the fullest of what The Lord wants for us.  Frank is also chief strategist for Victorious Living Prison Ministries.

Kristi Overton Johnson – Former World Champion Water Skier, Author and Publisher of Victorious Living Magazine

Kristi has a passion for reaching the incarcerated and is a frequent participant in XS events at MCI. She brings her love of water skiing and the many highs and lows of this competitive sport into her analogies of life,  building excitement and enthusiasm for overcoming challenges with her “hit it” stories.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Donna-Lanier-2.jpgDonna Lanier, Director of Retail Operations, Habitat for Humanity of Marion County

Donna considers it a blessing to come and tell her story to the Victim Impact Class at MCI. She says, “This class has taken me on a journey; as I have shared my story in hopes of helping others, in truth, I have been able to process and heal. I have been so very blessed to be a part of xtreme SOULutions as speaker with the Victim Impact class.”  She says that watching xtreme SOULutions grow and witnessing God’s grace with the men of MCI has “filled my heart.”

Livingsong – Manny & Erika Garcia – Worship Leaders

God has mobilized this husband and wife ministry team to evangelize through music, God’s word and testimony in high risk communities, recovery, prisons and homeless facilities across the U.S. since 2011. They also independently record, produce and offer their worship music digitally and CD albums free of charge. They are a true blessing when they minister at MCI.

Roger Munchian – Author and Ministry Leader Rescued Not Arrested

Roger Munchian traveled from Phoenix, Arizona to share his personal testimony of his new life in Christ, following a successful career as a drug dealer and gang member which resulted in incarceration.  Through his love of Christ, he now offer hopes and guidance to the men and women in the prison system.

Darren RitchLeadership Development Expert, John Maxwell Coach, Special Needs Champion

Darren is the Founder & CEO of JDR Leadership Solutions, National Program Manager for Justice & Public Safety Solutions at VMware, Inc, and President of Transitions Life Center (TLC), a nonprofit that serves the special needs community in Marion County.  Darren is a cancer survivor and has completed over twenty long distance endurance events. He has a thing or two to teach about perseverance and overcoming difficulties.