Faith – Pablo Mendez

Through out the Bible faith is spoken of, from the beginning of time God wanted man kind to trust in him believe that what he spoked was true. We as Christians must have faith in the promises of God without it we cannot receive the blessings God has for us. Our lives are to be totally surrendered to God if his plans for us are to pass. We trust what we of knowledge of and see, but total faith is to trust without knowing when and how something is going to occur. This is why when Jesus was on earth performed so many miracles to show that the all mighty God was true to his word, and all the non believers had to do was have faith and believe. When we have faith peace and happiness also comes with it. We trust  in the Holy Spirit to lead us in the way God has planned for us, we need to expect  what we ask for and wait knowing it will come to pass. We as Christians have to make a decision put our fears behind us and be strong in faith, that just as God gave Jesus the power to create miracles and raised him from the dead. God will also create miracles in our lives, but first we must believe this to be so.

— Pablo Mendez