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Let’s Take a Moment – Thierry Montreuil

If I could take a moment of your time to tell you how much you mean to me,
You would come to see how important you truly are.
If I could take a moment of your time to inform you of your countenance,
You could come to realize how beautiful you really are.
If I could take a moment of your time to tell you how your presence is greatly felt,
You know where to position yourself in people’s lives.
If I could take a moment of your time to show you the power that lies within you,
You would never feel weak or tired.
If I could take a moment of your time to open up your mind so we can look in,
You would never feel stupid or ignorant.
If I could take a moment of your time to show you how influential you are,
You would lead an army to victory.
If I could take a moment of your time to show you the wings on your back,
You would come to know how high you could truly fly.

You see, somewhere along the line, someone told you that you weren’t important, so you never felt significant.
Someone told you that you were ugly, so you never saw yourself as beautiful.
Someone told you that you were beneath them, so you could never stand tall at all.
Someone made you feel like you shouldn’t be around, so you felt out of place and fell out of position.
Someone told you that you were powerless, so you always felt weak and tired.
Someone told you that you were dumb or stupid, so you never tried to think outside the box.
Someone told you that you could lead no one, so you chose to be led to failure.

Someone told you that you couldn’t be Superman,
So you never even tried to take off.
So now you’re grounded, stuck on the tarmac as if tar’s on the bottom of your feet.
Your whole entire life you’ve felt defeat.
Only if you knew that you could never be beat.
All these years you’ve been held back by apprehension,
Stifled and stiff-armed by lack of comprehension
Of the fact that you born to be a King,
Determined not to fail.
Soaring high on the mightiest Wings,
The head and not the tail.
You are a mighty man of valor,
Destined to be in some type of battle.
Not tamed, not primped, not pampered,
And shuffled around like cattle.

Understand that you’ve been lied to about yourself.
You’ve never known your true identity,
Walking without sight.
Declaring false claims about yourself,
Therefore, forfeiting your birthright.
You’ve been cheated, bamboozled,
Hoodwinked, taken for.
Refusing your inheritance,
Thus making you appear real poor.
But if you were to measure your wealth
By how much you were loved
You’d come to realize how rich you truly are,
And however bad the movie seems,
Your still considered the star.
So let me be your co-star,
Your best supporting actor.
The one who wants to encourage you,
To help you through those non-factors.

So let me take this moment to tell you that you are a
Beautiful man of God,
‘Cause Yahweh makes everything beautiful,
No junk, no trash, no sod.
I can tell you that you don’t have to slouch,
You can be grand within your stance.
Your statuesque-like stature,
Will make everyone want to glance.
Let the haters hate when they feel your presence.
Be in position in the fullness of your essence.
You’ve been given the power to tread over snakes and scorpions,
Barefooted, man.
You’re not weak, you’re not tired, man
You got energy, full of fire, man.
This stuff here is down to the wire, man
So don’t you dare lay down and retire, man.

And as you aspire, man, to show the power of your mind,
I’ll be cheering on right by your side.
Your armor bearer, your confidant, your partner til the end.
As you lead us in this victory,
I will be your best friend.

Can’t you see where I’m coming from?
Can’t you see what I’m trying to say?
Can’t you see that you need to be in position,
In order to seize the day?

If you’re worried about death, I got news for you,
We all eventually have to die.
So put on your suit and cape, Superman,
It’s time for you and me to fly.

– Thierry “Style” Montreuil
 Life Coach, New Destiny