Behavioral Cancers – Joshua Heise

Decisions are made constantly by each of us. Decisions are choices we make, which result in a positive outcome or a negative outcome. If we can recognize the symptoms of our behaviors early enough, we may be able to correct our behaviors. We must locate and destroy the cause of these symptoms in order to overcome our strongholds.

There are steps leading up to our behavior and beyond. Once we can understand this process then we can begin to treat the problem and correct the issues. These steps are as follows…

  • A Good or Bad event Happens in ones life
  • Positive or Negative thoughts begin immediately within ones mind concerning this event, These thoughts can reproduce at an alarming rate, especially if one dwells on his thoughts, causing these thoughts to become truths to the person having them, even if they are not truth.
  • These thoughts will then transform themselves into feelings or emotions, (i.e. Anger, Rage, Joyful, Excited, Depressed, etc.etc.) Based on the event which took place.It is vital to note That even the tiniest thought can become an immensely Strong, Feeling, or Feelings. These feelings will spur symptoms or precursers to our behaviors. ( Anger, Your body may begin elevating blood pressure, or start sweating, or balling hands into fists)
  • These feelings can and will overpower our will if given the chance. What occurs next is a behavior, either Bad, or Good. Our actions are based on a decision of what to do with these feelings. We can choose a positive path or a negative. Communicate the Problem or Lash out.
  • These behaviors will always, always result in a consequence. This consequence will either be Positive, (i.e. reward) or Negative, (i.e. punishment). Now lets do a comparison study of behavior and cancers. After all, our negative behaviors done, are born from a cancerous process lets look…

Our bodies and our minds are incredibly similar. Both of them are LivingGrowing Complex Systems which Develop as a result of changes within the Process, Our bodies contain billions of individual cells, while our minds contain billions of thoughts. It is these cells and thoughts which carry out the functions of their own system. They both grow and develop by an increase in the number of cells and thoughts being “Processed”. Both these cells and thoughts become new process by transforming into different things. For example, in the body, the cells transform into different types of tissues, while in the mind, those thoughts transform into Different types of Feelings

New cells and Thoughts are created through a process we call Division. In the body, for example, a cell (single in unit) Divides and becomes two, two become four, so on and so forth. Our thoughts Do this Also. We may have a very Rapid thought After an event, but as we sit and dwell on that thought our mind creates new thoughts to fill in the voids in our original thoughts.

Unlike Normal Healthy cells and thoughts, cancerous cells and thoughts lack the controls that Stop, or “Switch Off”, Growth. They Divide and Multiply at an alarming Rate. These cancerous cells and thoughts Push Healthy neighboring thoughts and cell out of the way by overpopulating them. Because the Healthy cells and thoughts are being Pushed out. It Disrups their normal function and Growth because they must now compete with the overwhelming cancerous cells and thoughts, just to get what little nutrients they can.

These uncontrolled cells and thoughts can grow into masses, In the body, these masses are called tumors. They invade and Destroy normal tissues nearby. In the mind, these masses are uncontrollable feelings. You get groups of negative thoughts which invade and Destroy Healthy thoughts. Also, these uncontrolled cells and thoughts can travel and spread to other areas. For instance, in the body these cells may travel to the breast or colon infecting them with this cancerous tumor, whereas, in the mind these thoughts travel into our Attitudes, Feelings, and Emotions infecting them with cancer.

It is usually at this point that a diagnosis should be made to tell if a  cancer is present. We must Detect the cancer before it becomes too big and too Deadly. There are warning signs to watch for…in the body, there maybe a lump forming in a certain area, moles may change shape and size, excessive bleeding or discharges. Like in the body, in the mind, we also have warning signs that we must be looking for. For example, if you are angry, your tempature may Rise and you begin sweating. You may Grit your teeth or clench your fists, or if you are depressed, you want to hurt yourself or someone else,you may want to be alone, or do drugs. We must physically and mentally Search for these Cancerous Masses and Destroy them before they infect other areas. We must work to prevent this Cancer from Destroying us.

Once these signs appear and we notice them is when treatment should begin. Physically we would need to go to a Doctor for Chemotherapy or Radiation therapy… Transplants and transfusions mentally, when we notice these signs, we must stop, and go back and examine the thoughts going through our head and Destroy the negative thoughts. We must go back to our thoughts to correct our behaviors, it is a must. If we can Destroy the Masses of Cancerous thoughts and Develop new healthy thoughts then our behaviors will be healthy. Just as those bad cells in the body must be Destroyed and a Transplant or Transfusion to fill the voids with healthy cells. We must have a thought Transplant Done in our minds.

It is important to note, however that not all cells or thoughts that have Rapid or uncontrolled growth are cancerous cells. In the Body, cells may amass as benign tumors, which do not invade or Destroy surrounding areas. In the Mind, thoughts too may amass (lets say surrounding the death of a loved one). These thoughts, while not primarily Good, will not invade or Destroy other thoughts. It is not necessarily a Bad thing to grieve a loss, or be Sad for someone who is ill.

Some bodily Cancers can affect just one organ, while others are more generalized. The mind is the same, some thought cancers may invade only one area (feeling, attitude), while others may Disrupt the entire process creating uncontrollable feelings. Therefore if we can Detect the cancer at an early enough stage (i.e. before your thoughts become Feelings) and Diagnose what type of cancer it is. The easier it will be to treat it.

Lets look at this in Real Life Process… with a personal example from me! I was Married to my wife Lisa, on Oct.18,2003, at 4:00pm and to within 20 minutes, 8 years later, she passed away, Oct.18,2011 at 3:40pm. In Nov. of 2010 she was diagnosed with Leukemia. Leukemia is a cancer of the Bodys Blood Forming tissues, includinf the Bone Marrow and Lymph System. This cancer forms huge numbers of Abnormal white blood cells. These Abnormal cells Reach high concentrations in the bone marrow, lymph system and blood stream, and their Accumulation can interfere with functions of other vital organs. In the end,  they overwhelm the population and production of Healthy Blood cells, including White and Red Blood cells and platelets. This causes an insignificant and insufficient number of Healthy Cells. Therefore, the Bodys Ability to Fight infection is Decreased and very minimal/

The Abnormal white blood cells interfere with the production of Red Blood Cells and Platelets in the Bone Marrow. The Deficiency in Red blood cells means that the bodys organs Do not receive enough Oxygen, the Lack of platelets makeds the Blood clotting process less effective. Allowing the Body to be more Vulnerable to Bleeding and Bruising. Due to these effects Leukemia is Fatal in many cases without successful treatment, Leukemia was my wife’s cancer.

Mine on the other hand is of the mind and thoughts. You see, Lisa’s Journey through this and her leaving here, was the single most, Greatest event of my Life. My mind then created many cancerous thoughts, such as, “If you Are God, Bring Her Back.” And “See I knew all along God was a conspiracy,” and “whats the point in this Pretty Life. To WATCH SHIT DIE. Is that All we are here For?” I cursed God, I Denied Gods Existance. I cursed Love. My thoughts were Deadly. (Remember it is at this Point where we must Return to Change our Behaviors.)

These thoughts massed together and became Huge immense feelings of Loneliness, Despair, Depession, Anger, Worthlessness, and yes even Hate. Those thoughts Literally overwhelmed All of my Feelings, infecting them with cancer. I quit caring altogether.

Those feelings Brought within me negative Actions, Day and Night. I walked around mumbling cursing the police. Casting off anyone who wasn’t there for her, including my mom, my sisters, Literally anyone who didn’t walk by her side until she LEFT! Now, thank GOD that it stopped there. Nothing Major, crime wise happened because about 3 months Later I received a letter from my Daughter Ashley and she asked me about having church together at visit. It was at this point when I reevaluated what happened and Removed those infected thoughts and Filling them with Gods word. I then began generating warmer and warmer feelings. And Ashley and I have been praying together since. But God Put Ashley there because He knew that that’s what it would take to Reevaluate the Situation.

So in a Sense, My wonderful Daughter became the Donor I needed for my Thought Transfusion. She Saved me from that Spiritual Death.

So you See, unlike my WIFE, I have been given a second chance. Thank You JESUS! Even though those cancerous thoughts took over my mind, like Lisas Leukemia

Took over her body, mine was caught and treated early enough to cure it.

Romans 12:2 Says”…Be transformed by the renewing of your mind”

Renewing our mind is changing our thought pattern which will transform us From the old man to the new man.

–Joshua Heise